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Nanotechnology for Instrumentation and Measurement Workshop NANOFIM19 

29-30 October 2019, Sfax, Tunisia 


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General Chairs

Ramzi Maalej (TN), Olfa Kanoun (D), Aimé Lay-Ekuakille (IT)

International Program Committee

Janusz Smulko (PL), Rosario Morello (IT), Octavi- an Postolache (P), Tong Sun (UK), Diego Caratelli (NL), Gregorio Andria (IT), Ken TV Grattan (IT), Catherine Dehollain (CH), Salvo Baglio (IT), Cindy Harnett (USA), Tamer Elzayyat (ET), Julian Oreg- gioni (ROU), José Henrique Galeti (BR), Wei Zhao (RC), Yu-Cheng Lin (TW), Diomadson Belfort (BR), Sebastian Catunda (BR), Aldo De Carlo (IT), Maria Sabrina Sarto (IT), Vittorio Ferrari (IT), Ro- bert Krchnavek (USA), Vittorio Passaro (IT), Lin Lin (CN), Massimo De Vittorio (IT), Bonex W. Mwakikunga (ZA), Xiaoning Jiang (USA), Edward, G. Perkins (USA), Alessandro Massaro (IT), Fabri- zio Spano (CH), Giuseppe Ciccarella (IT), Antonio Paolo Carlucci (IT), Anna Grazia Mignani (IT), Jeff Tza-Huei Wang (USA), Nam-Trung Nguyen (SGP), Rong Zhu (RC), Ai-Qun Liu (SGP), Zhihong Li (RC), Stas Polonsky (USA), Che-Hsin Lin (RC), Andrea Pullano (IT), Steve Tung (USA), Sandro Carrara (CH), Yuji Suzuki (JP), Shabana Urooj (IN), Carmen Poon (RC), Adriana Passaseo (IT), Francesco Baldini (IT), Giovanni De Micheli (CH), Paola Prete  (IT), Mark Yeary (USA),  Francesca Lionetto (IT), Antonio Greco (IT), Heinrich Lang (D), Dietrich R. T. Zahn (D), Thomas Seyller (D), In Honour to Thomas Gessner (D)


Conference Organization Team


Amina Brahem (TN), Malak Talbi(TN)




Call for Papers:

The impact of instrumentation and measurements on human daily activities is always positi- vely important as well as in nanotechnology issues. Nanoscale is not only a geometric prob- lem but it is, especially, a process of reaching difficult objectives with compared to other ways. In any nanotechnology process, from designing up to testing, via fabrication, characte- rization, by means of measurements and/or specific instrumentation, is a critical aspect. The workshop intends to offer a forum for discussions and exchanges for different participants. This important event will be celebrated at the Central Lecture Hall Building at university site Reichenhainer Straße of the Technical University of Chemnitz. The institutional organizers are the Technical University of Chemnitz, the University of Sfax.

Authors are kindly invited to submit a full manuscript (4-5 pages including references) for oral or poster presentation. Expanded and improved papers of the version published in the symposium proceedings are eligible for post-publication in international reputed journals (IEEE Journals and book series).

All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed and the submission system has a process to identity and reject fraudulent reviewers and papers. Moreover the process has also an antiplagiarism system.



  • General and dedicated devices

  • Fabrication and characterization of sensors and transducers

  • Nanoimaging

  • Signal and image processing

  • Metrology, reliability and testing

  • General and ad hoc instrumentation

  • Nanotechnology and plasma biomedical applications

  • Environmental applications

  • Industrial applications

  • Automotive

  • Mechatronics

  • Nanomedicine

  • Light and lightning

  • Nanoptics and nanophotonics

  • Packaging and nanomaterials

  • Networking

  • Modeling

  • Bio-molecular and biotechnology

  • Molecular and cellular systems

  • Aeronautics and aerospace

  • Tissues

  • Molecular electronics


Important Dates:


August 30th: Full paper submission  deadline October  29-30th :Conference event

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